Right up to the harvest

For many Tuscan families it is normal to have “good” oil, it is the culture and tradition.


The procedure is simple, harvesting, pressing, tasting and to the table.


We have our passion that we put into everything we do, we take care of details, we have QuerciaMatta.


We want to make a very simple process “ours”, which does not mean unique in the world, but “different”.


Then there are the olives, the centre of everything.  Deserving of attention and respect. Maximum care for a better product. Depending on the variety we wait for them to be ready to be harvested, regardless of the constraints of time that must be followed.


We harvest them by hand, that way they don’t get stressed.


Yes, pressing.

At first glance it seems a standard procedure using specially prepared machinery.


Olives go in and oil comes out.


However, even here inside every small detail that can seem insignificant there is a hidden path to quality.


We pay attention to these small details for example following the grinding process which can influence the final organoleptic result most of all.


The ripeness of the olives, the different varieties and the danger of oxidation are just some of the variables that influence the process, making it unique and unrepeatable.


Then there is storage. 
Oil produced by every pressing is stored in small containers, a process that is certainly more expensive but necessary for a careful selection of the various types of taste, fragrance and aroma.

Querciamatta is a Tuscan estate that produces Tuscan PGI oil, wine and hosts exclusive events

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