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The idea

Sometimes it takes a lifetime to find the perfect dream project you want to make come true.
Estimates on times, costs and feasibility are carried out. There are decisions, big decisions to be made. The path ahead is long and full of uncertainties.

Something different happened to us.
The project chose us.
The dream came true in front of our eyes.
The decision was taken in just one day.

It is well-known that the mind helps us to reason and understand but it is the heart that makes us act.
Querciamatta is a harmonious collection of walls and land located on the top of a Tuscan hill in the Monsummano Terme area.

Querciamatta had been alone for more than 20 years… it had been waiting for us.

The name

Many people compliment us for the choice of the name QuerciaMatta, so particular, so unusual and so suitable to how we are.
It takes a long time and creativity to find the right name for your project.

Even in this case the name chose us.
We felt it was right for us from the start.
A double interpretation:

​QUERCIA a symbol of strength, union and stability.
MATTA a symbol of originality, instinct and unruliness.


The project


Rebirth and opportunity.




Four buildings that form a hamlet. All of them to be renovated, reinvented and reinterpreted, each building has their own character and shape.


The challenge was to leave Querciamatta its history by integrating our lives and our way of being, to create a unique space.



The land is volcanic, alluvial origin with a very composite character and structure.


The Olive Groves were aggressive and diffident. Disordered witnesses to the ancient concept of olive growing.


The Vineyards were like a beautiful woman who hadn’t taken care of herself for a long time, but still having a lot to say only needed attention and wooing.




Leaving things better than they are is for us the true sense of Agriculture and beyond. An ambition, a philosophy, a need.


Organic farming in order to respect as much as possible the environment that surrounds us, as close as possible to the traditional system, but with an innovative spirit.


Restoring the land’s biodynamics will be our biggest satisfaction.

Querciamatta is a Tuscan estate that produces Tuscan PGI oil, wine and hosts exclusive events

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